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Sadiyah Shakur-Saleem (right)  one of the original members of The Chuck Davis Dance Company in New York. is the founder of Collage Dance Company of Durham, North Carolina.  She enjoys encouraging young people to become all they can be.  Sadiyah feels that there must be a venue for artistic expression, especially for today’s youth.  With her motto (an African proverb), “If you walk, you can dance, if you can talk, you can sing. she joined together with  (left) Director, a performing member of Chuck Davis' African American Dance Ensemble to become a nurturing source for those young electrifying dancers who we know today as the "Collage Dance company"

The Company is a group of young dancers and musicians working together to explore African and African American dance, music, and traditions.  The company consists of energetic, enthusiastic, dedicated, and expressive young people from 10 to 20 years of age.  They have performed for a variety of venues from the Opening Gala for the National Social Workers Family Conference in Washington, D.C. to the Grand Opening of Exploris Museum in Raleigh North Carolina.  They also participate annually in local Kwanzaa programs.  The company’s repertoire spans the globe with pieces from South, West, and Central Africa; as well as the Caribbean and Brazil.  Additional styles also include Jazz and Modern choreography. The company emphasizes accomplishments and exposure to an array of dance styles and experiences. 

 Fundraising and generous contributions from citizens, businesses, and city grants, are instrumental in our journey. We continually strive to fulfill our goal which is not only to have our own artistic center but also to bring the joy of dance to as many people as we can and unlock the artistic potential of all.


All my children grew up influenced by the artistic world. The males are especially gifted in the realm of music, dance and verbal expression. My oldest son is a gifted writer, spoken word artist and musician from hip-hop production to African drumming.

My youngest son grew up in the company of music and the arts.He was a young person that didn't realize that your musical prowess is a gift as valuable as any other academic endeavor. His ability to nurture and grow this "God-given" talent was truly encouraged with his role as a musical leader for Collage Dance Company. He explored the ability for instruction and presentation. He recently worked at Williams College in Williams Mass. as an adjunct instructor in percussion and the musical director of their Dance company. His experience in Collage Dance Company provided him with invaluable exposure to other master musicians, development of his ability to instruct, lead and perform with confidence and ability. My daughter translated her dance and music experience in the world of mathematics and science. There is a direct correlation between music and math. And I feel her experiences in the world of music and dance only enhanced her natural inclinations to mathematical and logical thinking. These are only personal stories that parallel other similiar experiences with many young members of Collage Dance Company. Many parents have related countless stories of the improvement in their child's since of self-confidence, sense of dedication, completion of a task and the development of perseverance to do their best at any task. We have two graduates that are in pursuit of Doctorates in Medicine or scientific degrees, many with Education degrees, some with degrees in nursing, accounting, business management, cosmetology,musical studies, social work and psychology. Our track record of successful young is exemplary. The credit goes to their families, our Faith, and mentorship promoted in membership in Collage Dance company.

Sadiyah Shakur-Saleem  

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