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Collage Dance Company will perform in Baltimore, Maryland
May 21, 2016

(Pull Together)

7:30 PM

SEED School of Maryland

200 Font Hill Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21223

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Collage invited as guest performance for Jabberwock Pageant
February 6, 2016

Guest performers for NC Regional Conference for Top Women of Distinction

March 24, 2016

Durham Convention Center

Collage Dance

Annual Spring Concert

Friday, June 3, 2016
Saturday, June 4, 2016

7:30 PM

Adults: $15.00
Children: $10.00

Group prices available

Collage Dance

Celebrates 30 Years of
Annual Spring Concert


"Where there is purpose, there is no Failure"
African Proverb

Carolina Theatre
309 W. Morgan St 
Durham, NC 27701

            Friday night (only)
        May 22, 2015@ 7:30 pm

        Adults - $22.00
        Children(6-16)- $15.00
        Senior (60+) - $15.00
      Group prices available
  (groups 15 tickets or more)



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Dance company celebrates 25 years
Published Wednesday, March 10, 2010 7:00 am
by Sommer Brokaw>

DURHAM - Sadiyah Shakur-Saleem, a former member of Chuck Davis Dance Company in New York City, started the Collage Dance Company in Durham 30 years ago. Two generations of mothers and daughters have taken dance lessons at the company, and they will present the joy of African and modern dance.

"Sadiyah has created an important avenue for young women to experience, know and learn the culture of traditional West African dance and music," Toni Hall, Artistic director, said. "She has boosted the self-esteem and confidence of many young girls and boys who perform with the company."

Hall joined the company 18 years ago. She directs SA-TO Dance Academy for ages 3 to 10, which she co-founded with Shakur-Saleem in 2005. She also is a founding member of the African American Dance Ensemble.

Shakur-Saleem said there would be two new pieces from members of our global community. The Can Dance, by Kamu Mimy(a dancer and educator from New Jersey)
 The can dance hails from the Zulu of South Africa and a female version of Dundunbe by Babadunjo from Richmond Va.. This is a dance of strength and agility.

"Sadiyah, she's an institution in our community. She is selfless in her commitment to these kids," said Mary Williams-Stover, a parent of two children who will perform together in the concert. "I know what it takes for me to get my kids to attend rehearsal on a regular basis so for me to see that passion and commitment continue for 30 years, that's more than commendable, that's the kind of example I see as an unsung 'sheroe.'"

As a teacher, Shakur-Saleem sees a connection between education and artistic expression. "They've actually done research that shows you that math and music are totally connected. I think they go hand and hand," she said. "In my opinion, if you support the arts within young people, it will enhance all the academic areas."

Shakur-Saleem said she's proud that the company has established a significant track record of boosting youth academic achievement. Members must maintain a C- average and commitment to meet the rigorous weekly rehearsal and performance schedule. Over 90 percent of members graduate from high school and attend college.

"I've learned teamwork, a lot of responsibility, and she's teaching very good values," said Imani Stover, a previous dancer. "It's not only dance, she teaches us about responsibility and priority and things that can help you throughout life."

Her brother, Darius, will be playing the drums in this 30th anniversary concert. "The dance teacher, Sadiyah, she's really helped me too because she's taught me to stand up and express myself," he said. "She'll talk to me and when I'm not playing at my best, she'll encourage me to do so."

Shakur-Saleem said that the African proverb, "If you can walk, you can dance," is the philosophy behind her company. "The real premise is we all have great potential," she said. "We just need to explore it."

Collage Dance Company is one of the oldest African-American youth dance and drum performance groups operating in the Triangle. The company is based at the Hayti Heritage Center. Proceeds from the concert support scholarships for graduates who will attend college in the fall. To learn more, visit at


To the Collage Dance Company, congratulations upon your success and 25 years of strong dedication to our youth! Kudos to Imani and Darius! Carol Copeland, Baltimore
Posted on March 16, 2010
Excellent Article!!! Thank you
Posted on March 15, 2010



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