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"If you can walk, you can dance, If you can talk, you can sing."

-African Proverb



Collage Dance Company strives to build confidence, creativity, character, and perseverance in our community’s youth. We use the vehicles of Music, Dance and Visual Art to attain these goals.  

We present a full concert annually and perform at various events i.e. Kwanzaa celebrations, weddings, gallery openings, and many more. 

Over our thirty-three years of existence, we have nurtured the lives of many youth. 



Our alumni have spawned:

>>Doctorates in Education, Medicine, and the Sciences. 

Masters Degrees in Accounting, Business, Nursing, Architecture, and Psychology. 

>>Previous members are professional dancers, musicians, teachers at all levels and a Principal of Elementary grades. 

>>Our successes include a 99% High School graduation rate and a 97% rate of Higher Education degrees. 

These accomplishments clearly indicate their road to being productive members of society. 

It is our belief that exposing our youth to their rich cultural heritage enables them to accomplish any of their life’s goals.



We train young dancers and drummers in our exclusive Sa-To's Dance Academy classes at the historic Hayti Heritage Center in Durham, NC.

Contact us to get an application to enroll your young person in a class.


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